Gene Lewis Boxing Club Staff

Tony Vargas
Tony has spent nearly twenty -five years in boxing both as a competitor and trainer. Tony specializes in offensive strategy and punch combination development. He is an excellent one on one coach and his “mitt-work” is highly sought after .

Efrain Canizales
Efrain has been with the club for nearly a twenty years. An outstanding Golden Gloves boxer, he brings great experience, expertise and knowledge to the staff. Efrain was one of the last boxers to receive training and instructions during the career of the late Coach Gene Lewis.

Joshua Benjamin
Joshua Benjamin is the program director for the Gene Lewis Boxing Club and has been involved with the club for over 10 years. Josh is a former amateur champ and has over 15 years experience as a boxer. Joshua Benjamin continues to follow the blue print that Coach Gene Lewis left behind. All of the trainers at the club have all been trained by Gene at one point in their careers and the values and ideals that Gene passed on to them are now being imparted on the current athletes. Josh takes on the responsibility as Coach Gene Lewis’s successor to keep the doors open and to remain viable in the community. Around the valley when people speak of Joshua Benjamin at the Gene Lewis Boxing Club they speak in a manner Coach Gene Lewis would be proud of.

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